Dry Cleaning

If you wear it, we can clean it. The Snappy Dry-Cleaning team cares about the clothes we clean and the people who wear them. Our professionally trained team is dedicated to a high standard of quality. Whether your garments are made with natural fibers such as cotton and linen or delicate fibers such as silk and cashmere; Our team pre-inspects each piece to ensure your garment is cleaned with the proper care.

Our environmentally friendly solvent is called DF-2000™. This is a synthetic hydrocarbon fluid, which is an effective alternative to other solvents commonly used in our industry. We give additional attention to stain removal, and protection of beading/sequins, buttons, and zippers. Our quality-focused professionals then finish your garments by hand to make certain they are ready to wear to your next big event or your everyday life.

Tips for

Garment Care

The garment care process starts when you are purchasing your items. If you are in the store, look over the garments for any damages… then choose another if you find something! If you’re ordering online, work with a trusted website, and once delivery is made… again, look over the garments for any damage.

Resist the urge! If you spill something on your garment, wait! Before doing anything to it, you should let the soiled area dry a little, so you don’t smear it any further. Then if you must, must, must, blot the spot, do not rub. Rubbing fabrics can result in irreversible loss of color. Best bet… Come see us! We will take care of it for you.

Don’t store your garments in the poly bags for too long. Moisture can trap inside overtime and cause color loss.

Leave space between garments in your closet. The more smooshed garments are, the more wrinkles you’ll have.

Check any beads or sequences. Make sure they are sewn on garment, not glued.