About Us

Who We Are

Jennifer (Marquardt) Whitmarsh opened Snappy Dry Cleaning with over 18 years of experience in the industry. Jennifer has worked her way from the front counter as a teenager to co-owning a cleaner, to finally… her dream of sole ownership in her own, full-service cleaners. She truly enjoys working with customers to create relationships built on trust and understanding. Throughout her tenure, she has gone through extensive training and is certified in dry cleaning. Yes, there is a school for dry cleaners! Jennifer enjoys her family, helping her community, and making others smile.

She is a co-founder of the Akron Lady Lions Club, an unwavering supporter of our Veterans, and understands that treating others with respect is not only the right thing to do… it is a way of life. She believes in surrounding herself with individuals who have talents and skills that complement her own, to create a well-rounded team that puts the customers first. She has taken her expertise to another level, and coaches other dry cleaners nationwide, specifically in customer service, with the industry-leading consulting group, “The Route Pro’s.” She specializes in training, teaching, and learning the dry-cleaning industry so Snappy’s customers receive the quality and service that they deserve. Which is how she has created a team of dedicated employees that enjoy what they do and more importantly, why they do it.

When it comes to Snappy Dry Cleaning, Whitmarsh says- “We do not just clean clothes … we create relationships.” She goes on to say “We are not in the dry cleaning business… we are in the customer service business…. we just happen to help you clean up some messes at the same time.” While she enjoys the obstacles of day-to-day, it’s more important to her to be able to nurture the team within Snappy Dry Cleaning to bring the highest level of service to Snappy’s loyal customers.

Tabetha B. is the General Manager at Snappy Dry Cleaning. She started her career in this industry over 6 years ago and has rapidly learned many aspects of the business. Tabetha understands that looking good means feeling good and she has dedicated her expertise to ensure all our customers feel good in the clothes they wear. She has a passion for the dry-cleaning industry, and garment care. She has been certified in Dry Cleaning and has future plans to further her education so she can continue to have the up to speed understanding of the latest fabrics and techniques so she can handle your garments with care. When asked about what she is looking forward to, Tabetha says “I hope that I can help customers have the confidence they need when going to an interview, or date night. Tabetha views life on the sunny side and has a contagious laugh. She jokes “The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest of clothes.” When she’s not working at Snappy, she enjoys time with her son, going to concerts and taking pictures of sunsets. She strives to own her own cottage someday.