Wedding Gowns

There is no greater sentimental value than a wedding gown. Need to get your gown pressed prior to the big day? We will take care of that for you. Mon-Fri with less than 24 hour turn around time. If your big day is over… and you want your gown to last forever, preserving it will reduce the chance of yellowing overtime and allow you to treasure your dress for years to come.
Snappy Dry Cleaning will meticulously clean, spot, inspect, press, and preserve your wedding gown. We will make it possible to wear on your 50th wedding anniversary. Returning it to you in a beautiful window box so you can view it at any time.

Tips for

Wedding Gowns

Make sure the beads and sequins are sewn on, not glued

Create a bustle that will limit the length on the ground, so people don’t step on it

Don’t store gown in the sun or a misty closet

If not preserving gowns, store in a breathable fabric bag

Clean gown after the wedding, there will be spots not visible to the naked eye, but in time may crystalize and cause permanent damage