Premium Shirt Laundry

Our team will keep your colors bright, and your whites… whiter! Our team meticulously inspects for spots, pretreats your cuffs and collars, cleans and then presses each piece. We will include your preferred starch option to ensure your comfort level is reached.
Our professionals adhere to our 14-point inspection process which includes replacement of cracked or missing buttons to ensure your shirt is ready to wear, with confidence. If you prefer to have your shirts folded, our team will package them to make travel easy. Our premium laundered shirt services will leave you feeling confident for whichever event you attend.

Tips for

Shirt Care

You can wear a laundered shirt more than once, however… if you wear them too many times the neckline and cuff lines will start to take on the color of the natural dirt and oils from the skin. Overtime, this will break down break down the fibers causing them to break, and eventually rip along the seam.

Double check your buttons. With the average shirt having 12 buttons on them. They are bound to loosen over time.

A heavier, metal collar stay is the best for keeping collar tips down. Don’t worry, when we see them, we will return them to you!

If you like starch in your shirts… the thicker the shirt, the more starch the shirt will hold.